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Mayuge Sugar Industries

About Mayuge Sugar

Mayuge Sugar is established in the year of 2002 at Mayuge district, Uganda. We are manufacturer of mill white sulphurless sugar. The sugar is packed under the name of “Nile Sugar”. The sugar for final consumption is packed in various quantities i.e. half kg, one kg, five kg, twenty five kg and fifty kg.

In last 10 years consumption of Sugar has been drastically grown. Thanks to government of Uganda for that. According to one report the consumption of sugar has doubled to 240,000 TS per annum. Taking it as an opportunity as well as challenge, Mayuge Sugar is continuously expanding its efforts & capacity to make the process faster & smooth.

Our Research & Development Process

Weedicide Trials

The chemicals, which are sprayed on the fields to kill weeds. It is generally used to control or kill unwanted plants.

Fertiliser Trials

To demonstrate and find the effects of alternative fertilization practices on crop yields on real farms. It’s a required process to select best fertilizers for sugar.

Spacing Trials

To find out the effect of row spacing on sugarcane growth and yield, a field trial was conducted to evaluate on different kind of row spacings for improvement judgments.

Cane Variety Trial

It is used to find consistent performance for cane and sugar yield in plant across the all zonal centres

Nutrient Analysis

Sugar is a source of carbohydrate and energy. So it's our necessary process to check Nurtient in our product so that it will be work

Latest Technology & Methods

We keep updating our research & experiment with newly & highly recommended technologu. So that we can produce best sugar product.

Our Product & Packing Detail

We are in both B2B & B2C supplier. We have 25kg, 1kg & 6.25gm packs available.

6.25 gm Pack

For your cup of beverages

1 Kg Pack

A pack for your daily cooking usage

25 Kg Pack

25kg pack for both B2B & B2C

Why Choose Us!

Rapidly growing Sugar Production Company

Some of our keyfactors
  • We have our own Weather Station so that we can plan better for cane cultivation & produce the effective sugar products.
  • 1.6 MW self power generation unit and highly mechanized plant in the district
  • Land of 250 Acres for the plant as well as Agricultural Research and Development of Crop.
  • 15 Tractors with Farm Equipment and experienced staff will help to manufacture most of the spares and components within the premises to reduce the expenses
  • Our sugar production capacity is 200 Tons a day
  • We have provided employment to over 600 people in the factory in various capacities and departments.
  • We organise Trainig programs for Estate & Outgrowers field staff for better results.
  • Seed Cane Treatment is a process which we follow, so that we can have Disease Free Healthy Seed Cane in our production unit

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